There are many things that make Willsow products special – here are just a few of them…

– Renewable energy – Our factory is powered by completely renewable energy, meaning the whole production process is sustainable
– Our paper – We only use paper made from 100% post-consumer waste from schools and businesses. This helps save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills. There are absolutely no bleaching chemicals used.
– Carbon Capture – We pay a premium to be part of a Carbon Capture scheme to reduce our emissions and plant new woodland throughout the UK. Every single one of the inner pages we use goes towards planting new woodland, with the Woodland Trust, to capture CO2 emissions.
– Plastic free – We don’t use any plastic whatsoever – we even send out our books in paper ‘Ecolopes’ and stitch our books with 100% natural cotton.
Vegetable based ink – We use these inks to reduce the amount of VOCs released into the air when printing. Our ink is more sustainable than petroleum-based inks.

What are VOCs? Volatile Organic Compounds are found in many household products and manufacturing processes which are released as gasses. They can be a risk to both our health and the environment. VOCs are not always able to be smelled or detected but can be found in things like paint, ink, carpet, air fresheners, cosmetics, fuels, smoking, cooking and burning things. It’s best for our health and the planet to reduce them!