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Willsow books are the first of their kind. Never have you been able to read a book, plant a page and grow real vegetables, meaning you can meet the main character!

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The Story That Comes Alive

As well as seeds, all our books are made from a variety of sources such as schools and business to help save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills.

We do hope that you grow the love that we have for Willsow books. Our aim is to educate Children & Adults alike that we can all do more for the environment. There is always a way to make recyclability fun.

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Growable Books


Hi! I’m Tom of Willsow books. Some time ago I discovered you could make business cards out of seed paper and grow a flower or plant from that card, pretty cool idea right? It certainly is, but I knew there was potential for more and eventually had the idea of making a children’s book that you could plant and eventually ‘bring to life’ the main character to meet for yourself!

I’m part of a family printing company that has been going strong for 76 years and the 4th generation to manage the business. So with a printing background and all the facilities already in place to create a book, I felt I could turn a pipedream into a reality.

But like Batman without Robin, Tom without Jerry, or Carrots without Peas, I didn’t want to go into the world of Willsow alone. I discussed the idea with my good friend James and as soon as he saw the first draft print, he exclaimed that he wanted in!

James is from a family of gardeners and some of his favourite childhood memories are sitting in the garden with his Dad popping peas out of their pods…Or wandering around his Grandpas garden plucking blackberries and picking apples to create the world’s best fruit crumble on a Sunday. Together, we feel like we make a pretty formidable team, ready to take over the world, one seed at a time.

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We do hope you’ve grown the same excitement we have and we look forward to hearing all about your Willsow growing adventures. Let’s spread the word, #readmeseedme