Gardening is a fantastic hobby for adults and children alike! Not only is it great fun, it also has lots of other benefits too!

– Nature can generate a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, creativity and can facilitate concentration
– Getting dirt under your nails while digging in the ground can make you pretty happy. In fact, inhaling M. vaccae – a healthy bacteria that lives in soil – can increase levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety
– Gardening can relieve stress by giving something to focus on with a goal in mind, it offers an alternative to technology and serves as a respite
– Spending time outside is good for your bones; the sun prompts your body to make Vitamin D, which helps the body to absorb calcium (which is essential for bone growth)
– Achieving goals allows children to become more self-confident, resilient and independent as they see their hard work materialise, especially when they are able to enjoy the food they have grown

What better reason do you need to get out in the garden?