It was the night before Halloween and the Pumpkin house was a hive of activity. Everyone was getting ready for the big celebration except for Pablo. Why? Because Pablo was afraid of the dark…

Is there anything better on an autumnal evening than sitting down with the kids to carve a spooky design into your pumpkins? Now, there is!

This year, why not bring the experience to life by reading the story of Pablo before planting the extra special pumpkin seeds you’ll find enclosed in the back page? Your little ones will love growing their own Pablo, and come Halloween, they’ll be able to look at their carved pumpkin with pride, knowing their careful nurturing brought him to life.

‘The pumpkin who was afraid of the dark’ is the first book in our new “Grow your Own” series. It’s printed on 100% recycled material using vegetable-based inks, and is stitched together with 100% natural cotton rather than metal staples or toxic glue. So not only will Pablo Pumpkin spark an interest in gardening for your children, he also provides a great opportunity for them to learn about sustainability and eco-friendly choices.

The new book is available on our website for £9.99 (click here) and can also be found in other online retail stores, garden centres and gift shops. If you’re in Central England, you’ll even find Willsow books in your local Co-op store!